In the last post I started to explain about my crazy fortnight and how I was reminded of always remembering what is important to you. In this post I will complete the explanation of what happened.

Last Friday, my baby sister had a car accident. She was driving along one of the municipal roads when a hooligan driver rushed onto her like he wanted to drive right through her. She looked in the mirror to see if he was going to go past her on the right or the left. Unlucky for her, the driver in front of her braked at the same time. She tried to avoid the car in front of her, but was only halfway able to get out of the way and so had a partial collision. Luckily, she was okay, but the car ended up being written off.What is important

The other driver in the collision could see that she was still in shock and was so nice to her. My stepdad actually called him afterwards and thanked him. The other driver took off when he saw the accident in front of him.

We feel really lucky and blessed that she is okay. The car can be replaced, but she can never be!

The next day was the turn of my mom’s 60th birthday party.

The birthday party was organized by her brothers and sisters. The actual event was held at my aunt’s home. In total, there are nine siblings – three males and six females. My mom is the 3rd eldest. All but one could attend the celebration, so it was a great family reunion.

Everyone contributed something to the celebration, be it help with the decorations, preparing the venue or preparing food. Just over 100 people attended the party and fun was had by all.

The next day, the family gathered to go through old photos, birthday messages and recount amusing tales from younger days. The sense of family and togetherness was amazing and something that I will always remember.

I feel really grateful for my loved ones, friends, family and neighbours that stood with us during these tumultuous two weeks and all the “together-time” we could enjoy last weekend.

Always remember what is important!

Kevin Mzansi