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Stock Trader
What is a Monster Stock Trader?
November 15, 2021

A Monster Stock Trader is somebody who is fascinated by the markets and who can exploit market history to wring big…

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A Brief History of Bitcoin
October 10, 2021

Cryptocurrenciesare one of the true innovations of the past decade or so. The idea of having avirtual currency, with its own…

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6 Tips for Finding the Best Brokers for Beginners
September 4, 2021

Today, more people are looking for the best brokers for beginners in trading forex. This market can be extremely complicated and…

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Investing In Real Estate With Your IRA
July 27, 2021

Why are most Americans still trusting their own retirements… IRAs… 401ks… with the stock market? Answer is, they don’t know any…

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You Can Observe a Lot by Watching
June 19, 2021

You can observe a lot by watching.  –Yogi Berra I have a bit of contrarian in me, and it makes me…

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Private Investor
Private Investor or Fund Manager: Which One to Choose?
June 3, 2021

Often a private investor decides to go down the self-select investment route in the belief that they will perform better than…

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Snap invest
Passive Investing Definition and Active vs. Passive Investing
May 26, 2021

Passive investing involves a strategy of investments that involves limited ongoing selling or buying of stocks.  These investors make their purchases…

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investment policy
Lady Luck and Your Investment Policy
May 10, 2021

I had been thinking of how to structure an investment policy that: 1. When the market provides opportunities for excess returns,…

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February Dividend Growth Articles
February 28, 2013

We’ve made it through the first couple months of 2013.  February was a good month here at Dividend Growth Stock Investing…

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Decision Journals for Investing
November 21, 2011

One of the most common questions I get from others is also one of the most frustrating questions I get asked….

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