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Do I really need a Financial Advisor?
August 17, 2012

You only need to open a newspaper to see stories of Financial Advisors who run away with people’s money. Couple this…

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What is Value Investing?
August 15, 2012

Value investing is the investment philosophy where stocks are chosen based on the belief that the price quoted on a stock…

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How to take advantage of your own laziness
August 13, 2012

We are all naturally lazy. Even if we are excited or energetic about something, we revert to laziness once the thrill…

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Ladies: Do you know everything about your family finances?
August 9, 2012

Today we celebrate Women’s day in South Africa. For this post I conscripted the help from the amazing women in my…

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How long does adverse credit information stay on your credit report?
August 8, 2012

If you are late on a credit card payment, installment loan or a home loan, for instance, there will be consequences…

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How is your credit score calculated?
August 6, 2012

Now that you have your free credit report, you may start to wonder about what your credit score means. Credit providers use…

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What’s on a Credit Report?
August 3, 2012

One of the most important things that you have to monitor in personal finance are your credit reports. You can get…

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You can view your credit report multiple times a year for free!
August 2, 2012

Yesterday I spent an excruciating couple of hours playing phone-tag. Why? My credit line on one of my credit cards was…

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Always remember what is important (part deux)
July 20, 2012

In the last post I started to explain about my crazy fortnight and how I was reminded of always remembering what is…

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You may as well swing for the fences! (Q2 update)
July 2, 2012

The time has come to revisit my goals for the year and make adjustments, if need be. As they say: the…

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