BloggingIt is often said that if the “why” is big enough, the “how” will follow. I have had a really tough time keeping up with my commitments here at over the last couple of months. I set myself quite aggressive goals this year and have fallen short significantly, mostly because of time management challenges.

Why did I create ?
My aims for the blog have been two-fold: To provide a platform for South Africans to talk about financial issues and personally, to learn Internet Marketing and gain some exposure in the Personal Finance community. My aims are still the same, although I’m forced to re-think the “how” of Mzansi Finance.

Competing priorities

The more I think about it, the more I realize that success at growing Mzansi Finance will depend on the amount of time I will be able to allocate to the blog. My Internet goal for this coming year is rather bold: 10,000 visits per month. This would involve a significant time commitment.

My most overarching goal for the first half of the year, however, is not this goal, but rather a time-consuming academic one: passing my June exam. After much thought, I decided that I will aim to spend around 15 hours per week on Mzansi Finance. My aim for the 1st half of the year will therefore be steady, but rather unspectacular growth, consistent with the amount of time I will be able to allocate to the blog.

Do the right things!

I have also realized that I will have to get the most leverage from the little time that I am able do spend on the blog. My first-half year strategy will have three components:

* Interact on Social Media
The only way to grow a community is to interact and connect with people. My daily practice will involve gathering thoughts and comments on topical issues.

* Hootsuite
I have always prided myself on providing useful content to my audience. I will continue gathering great articles from around the web to deliver to followers and subscribers.

* Two quality posts per week
The cornerstone of success at blogging is providing quality content. Up to now I have been very reticent about allowing guest bloggers on Mzansi Finance, mostly because I am worried that the content provided will not be applicable to my audience. I have relented, however and will provide opportunities to guest bloggers, provided the content delivered will be useful to a South African audience.

I will revisit my strategy after June and make the necessary adjustment to attack my 10,000 visits per month goal.

Fellow bloggers: What have been your challenges in publishing a blog?

Kevin Mzansi